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  1. I found a test I believe shows you basically where the hang up is on the WWW, at least for me. I live in the Philippines so everybody here knows the problem but I needed the actual proof that it was in fact my provider. It is one of the tests on a website called CENTRALOPS.NET the test is called TRACEROUTE. They send a packet of data from central Texas to your device and shows you how long it takes to hit each station, I believe I got that right.
  2. I am doing just that. I have not tried Ethernet yet so there is that. So I guess there is no way to see the path and the speed to see the geographical location where the slowdown is ? You know what I mean ?
  3. So how about my router or am I screwed because I'm in the Philippines ? If it is the country what could cause the connection to be so bad with the rest of www ? Is it the geography or the ISP being cheap with the fibr ? They are practically a monopoly here and they don't allow foreign competition.
  4. Before I invest in NFL GAMEPASS or an Nvidia Shield, what is the minimum speed required to have a great stream. My ISP is PLDT and fiber involved, promising speeds up to 30 which I attain sometimes per Speed Net (hitting a local server). Of course on testmy it is never close to that. Any solution here ? Could it be my hardware, iPad 2 ( or Nvidia Shield ) - wifi ( I could Ethernet Nvidia) - older ACTIONTECH - another router - ISP box. My initial thoughts after reading up on the internet quality here in the Phils is that there is no solution at this time. If I am right, what would the country
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