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  1. it says INF ERROR, then another error says, trying Using vga driver i dont know why that happens
  2. i have a toshiba satellite A85-S107 laptop, im just wondering if theres an update, i already have the cd version and the site version
  3. yea i got that cd, but i dont think theres an update for this driver
  4. i still cant find my newest driver, the ati websites doesnt have my driver, when itry the notebook or vga catylist, it stil doesnt work
  5. hmm its not there, im trying to play world of warcraft
  6. Hi, my graphic card is ati radeon 9000 IGP integrated, i dont know where the driver download is, can some help me, i tried looking. Im trying to run a game and it says i need pixel shader 2.0 and i have 1.1, so im wondering about that
  7. its just whenever i reconnect my modem i get different pings in servers, also in virginia servers i dont get the same ping as i used to get with my old isp, i was just wondering if tweaking would help me ping better
  8. Hey i have sympatico dsl, i was just wondering can tweaking help ping in games, something like changing mtu or any kind of tweaking with modem?
  9. something like this http://www.schools.manatee.k12.fl.us/webdisk/751BKING/WebPages/word_web/word%20web/describingweb_files/describingweb_1.GIF
  10. I just started powerpoint, so can you give me some instructions to it, im just trying to make a mind web, thanks
  11. Im using microsoft word 2000 right now, i need a word web, when people try to brainstorm ideas they use a word web. I need this for work, i think its also called a mind web or a mind map. It's basicly a big circle with one idea then it branches off to other circles. I want to do that on a computer
  12. Is there any way to make a word web on microsoft word, or any other program, i really need to know how to make a word web
  13. Eddie was so damn funny, i will really miss that. When i first heard about his death i thought it was one of his jokes but i realized it was real. This is such a huge loss, he was 38 which is very young and there were many years to go for him in the WWE. I feel depressed everytime i think about his death. I feel bad for the Guerrero family. see ya soon Eddie
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