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  1. Thanks for your reply, Telstra came he had his fancy testing machine say no line fault within speed limits. I insisted on the drop outs he calls to check says there had been 6 in past 12 hours but still within range so nothing wrong..... I am going to have to bite the bullet and go NBN he says that it will be much better. So in all I was to be charged for the visit as he could find nothing wrong but he kindly didn't charge for an hour visit. I said to him a big thank you for but I wasn't going to pay as its having drop outs also besides speed.
  2. Hi to you all, I am new to the group and it looks as though I have come across a great site for testing speed, so I do thank you for having me. I hope some can explain to me how I can change the details for testing to my correct location and IPS too I work as a home based Telemarketer and as sad as it sounds I love my job. I am lucky that I was vaccinated with a gramophone needle and like to chat. Yes I do get to chat as I guess I do have a special talent when it come to chatting with people. I am on the other hand not well written ( so put away your red correction pens ) and far from technical when it comes to computers or ADSL / and the so called NBN that has been completely messed up with the governments getting their claws into it. The Company I work for I need to log into their server and systems all my calls go through their auto dialler for recording. So every thing is done in real time as you would imagine. Monday 28/8/17 logged in as per normal and later in the day I was having issues with lagging and in able to end calls which is most frustrating. It turns out it was my end and not the company server. Telstra say when I called "we can see you have had a few drop outs and you seem to have spikes blar blar " well to cut a long story short they got me to do the trouble shooting I had already performed before calling them and after 3 hours and do the Ookla speed tests. They agree its not great but its not bad they tell me. I go now to level 2 Tech support more trouble shooting and finally after much crying (pure frustration) I ask for the team manager as I am getting no where fast. He puts some suppressor on the line, say it will be a bit slower but should be ok for what I do and Friday we will have a tech at home to check things out. Well I worked for a short while today and have the same issues. Nothing has changed in my home at all " no wet pits from rain" so why all of a sudden is this happening. I will be happy to share the results from both Ookla and here and if any one wants to explain to me what the heck its about I would love it. PS I will show you the results if I can work out how to do it...see said I'm not Tech clever
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