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  1. Pahoo, thank you for the response. I am not sure what you mean by your first question. I have ATT's top service for 1GB down and 1GB up on their fiber network but am experiencing slower speeds than when I was on TWC's 300MB down and 50MB up. The modem-router is a single piece of hardware and it is hardwired to my computer through a CAT 6 networking cable.
  2. Help! lol... I was using Time Warner/Spectrum internet and paying for 300mb down and 50mb up and I was getting pretty close to those true speeds on testmy.net Now I have changed providers since AT&T laid fiber in the neighborhood for the 1GB down and 1GB up but my test speeds are near 170mb down and near 85mb up. I am hardwired straight into the router provided by AT&T.
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