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  1. Yeah I tried runnig that optimization program but it had a problem, said it wouldnt work for the sattelite for some reason, I got the dw7000, I noticed when I check the sattelite it has a lot of failed transmissions, and it's only transmitting 1 watt of power, is that what it was suppose to be at that seams really low. Yeah the stength is up to 60 now, still having trouble loading web pages, half the web pages it load it cause it can't detect a connection or the sites having difficulties, and aol just kicks me off after about a minutes saying reset be host. Thanks for the help so far guys.
  2. So are you saying this is normal? It's odd, I can load some pages on internet explorer, it's faster than useing aol, but it load some pages, but aol will load those pages, it just takes longer? Something in my settings maybe? O and what's your sattelite strength, mine is usally 50-60.
  3. So a week ago I got hughes sattelite at my house cause we can't get anything else here where I am, and it download's good and uploads good, but has a terrible time internet browsing, Sometimes it will load pages fine then other times it will say it can't load the page like it's not connected to the internet, or other times it won't load certain parts of webpages, but everytime, it will take about 1 min or 2 to load webpages, the smaller ones like google go pretty fast but a page with lotsa stuff to load takes quite a while, just was wondering if anyone could help or chime in. Thanks.
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