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  1. No I havent FAP'd yet. I'm using swiftswitch and my rsn is Shadow Lobo
  2. I'm a member, it doesn't matter which world I'm on as far as lag goes, and I'm pretty sure my computer has little to no spyware on it. Anyone have any other suggestions?
  3. Yes I do have a wildblue internet connection. The weird thing about all this lag though, is that a few weeks ago I had barely any lag while playing. Another thing that leads me to suspect something strange, is that a friend of mine also has wildblue and plays runescape with little to no lag. Any suggestions?
  4. For the past few weeks I've been having constant patches of lag where the game freezes for like 4 seconds at a time. I don't know exactly why this is happening or how I could fix this problem. If anyone has any input or suggestion for this problem I'd be glad to hear them.
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