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  1. The router is connected to the home phone and then it is connected via ethernet to my computer. It is used by the 2 other family members (wifi) to browse the net facebook etc. I know that the maximum Download speed that i pay for is 25 Mbps however they told me that I will never be able to reach that speed due to my location I do not lnow the Upload speed that i should be getting though. Problem is that the connection is to unstable and i am at my limit .
  2. I have constand problems with my internet. I get 11-13 Mbps dl speed and about 0.9 Mpbs upload speed. I have the standard Easybox 804 router that was given to me by my provider(Vodafone) and I was wondering if that was the problem to my unstable internet connection.I have spoken to the technical support but they aren't willing to help or answer any of my questions . I would like to change my router if it is indeed the cause of my missfortune however i would not want to spent more than 50 € Thank you for your help ! https://testmy.net/compID/864021372158
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