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  1. oh i see, so what do you think about my router choice and how much of an impact in speed I will be getting
  2. Before posting my speed test stats I would like to point out a few things. My internet service provider is Comcast and I am on the 6mbps tier. My Router is a D-Link DI-514 802.11b and I got it around 2 and a half years ago. My computer is above average (Comp Specs: 3.0GHz P4, ATI X700, 2.50GB of Memory[2GB Corsair, 512 Stock], 250GB HD, etc,etc). Well now you know I wont be needing to upgrade my computer for a very long time, so lets get back on track. A few days ago I tried bringing back my old Xbox MN-740 wireless adapter from the dead and I got it to work. Now I have an Xbox 360 an
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