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  1. Ahh But, do I have to PAY to have it mounted on the roof, starband sez yes, I say thats BS, it was working fine where it was . Also, does the speed decrease if I stay on AMC4 mean breach of contract?
  2. Hello All, I have been a starband user for about 1 year. Overall, I guess the service has been acceptable at best. I live in rural areas of Central Kentucky and have no hope of DSL. cable or any telcom based internet access. Ironically enough i moved here from LA and there is a wireless DSL service over 2.4ghz that I cant get either because I am in a valley. Anyways, to make a long story short, because my home is surrounded by thick trees, I can only be pointed at KA7. I went through tons of hurdles with Starband and the installer to get pointed to this receiver. Now, they have alreayd scheduled that same installer to come out and repoint and he again told me it would not be possible. My signal is weak enough as it is. He was supposed to relay that info to starband but they keep calling me and sending me emails that as of Feb 28, if i am not repointed i will experience "severe degredation in performance" which is pretty much a day to day occurance anyway for me. I am wondering what Starband will do next week when this deadline passes. I ran the test here and got decent speed, but its touch and go always with Starband, so I dont consider what Im getting in terms of d/l speed to be what I was promised when I signed up. Does anyone here think that this repoint issue constitues Breach of Contract if they cut me off without a repoint?
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