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  1. Well just to let you know that Verizon is very strict on there usage policy bec. they dont tell you this but they have a 10GB monthly allowance b-4 they decided to cancel your card service on you, i never knew this untill later on when they sent me a letter in the mail and canceled my service the following day, but overall in Orlando where i live i got good service and speeds on 1MB+ 98% of the time and on the interstes driving i would get about 300KB/S with 200-250m/s ping times so just be ware about this b-4 you buy and sign a contract!!!!!! P.S. Does Sprint have a "Montly Allowance" Like
  2. I use Bear Share and Bear Share Pro and they also work fine. I get about an average of 1.5 MB/S download speeds and about 80kb/s upload. They only real problem i see with it is that direcway limits your total number of connections making 10 or more downloads and searching slow and hard to do over the system, and forget being a good ultra peer i become one but it kills my connection with about 15-20 other users connected to me.
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