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  1. Hi, I ran a test from yesterday till today and it was a lot of data as I ran it 15 mins 100 times. I did it without being logged in, as i test different systems at the same time in the moment. Now, I wanted to make a PDF file but for some strange reasons, the data does not show anymore. Any change to recover these, maybe 50-60 test results? I habe the CELLID , provider and the 3G/4G modem data 7 id ... Thanks for helping! Jo
  2. Hi all, I am German living in Spain, a highly corrupt country with corruption gong down to the gradle of people. For that reason, Telefonica Spain (also known as Movistar) is still almost a monopolist giving a shit on client's rights from the contract ... as in many regions you simply have no choice. I,e, in my case, in the last 3 years I had at least 20 times no internet (hours, days, even weeks ... and no telefone either), hundreds of interruptions either physically or logical (no DNS, i.e.) or periods of months with very low speed as there was a defectus device in the DSLAM the technicians knew of but no budget to replace. This lead into funny things like the technician physically re-connected me to a port a neighbor used but as this neighbor is a touris with a few weeks here only, has not yet found out! I pay 80 EUR per month for a 2.5 Mbps down, 250kbps up line (if it is connected and not the DSLAM defect or other odd things happen that are ALWAYS "major incidens" when talking with the hotline). This is rediculous. I wonder if there's interest groups you guys know of to make the problems public as only publicity is what can make things better. Thanks for any hint! Jo
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