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  1. Being new to the website I read more than just a few comments about Hughes Net and their service and most of them seem to follow this trend.
  2. We are not new to Hughes Net. We have had it for approximately 13 months, and most of the past six months have been sheer misery. First off we have two user names we can sign up with and they both have the same password. We have a long house and the installer mixed up which one we needed to use when we were at the opposite end of our house so we never had a decent speed (we are supposed to be at 25 Mbps download speed but we usually had 2 to 3 Mbps, if we were lucky. But we have seen as low as 0.03 Mbps download speed and 0.02 upload speed. The only time we can get between 5 and 9 speed is very late at night. We have called the Customer Service number several months ago to complain about the speed when it was running under 5 speed or under at the best. After checking and rebooting our system the operator said: ...” It will run well now and you will be up to 25 speed...” . It was no surprise that it made absolutely no difference in performance. Tonight we had a 49 minute call again to them where they did all sorts of checking their equipment and our equipment and said it was running the way it should.The operator showed that we were running a download speed of 37 Mbps and that the problem was once again solved. After she hung up I checked the speed on my iPad and found another “no surprise” when I was running 1.5 Mbps which was the fastest I had ran at this week— but now I am totally unable to install any of the 64 apps updates that were downloaded tonight. ...After we have fulfilled our two year contract with Hughes Net “we’re-out-of-here”. No wonder Hughes Net was rated dead last in Consumer Reports when they did an article on satellite and streaming services.
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