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  1. I foolishly let DISH talk me into switching from DISH Internet to Hughes Net back in December. DISH claimed HN was way faster and would be a much better fit for out situation. We are in a rural setting and satellite is our only option for internet service. I knew right away it was a bad idea but assumed it would just take DISH awhile to smooth out the bugs as it did with their Hopper service. Also I had other things going on. Finally the end of May I called in, and spent the next four hours going back and forth between DISH and HN. It's now been almost seven weeks of back and forth with no end in site. I've been waiting all day for a return call that was promised to be within 24-48 hours last Friday by a customer support who also said he would call back Monday to follow up. Neither happened so yesterday I called in and the support person finally found the notes (which took some time even though I provided the case number I was given) and said it showed advanced tech support would be calling me today. It's now 4:28 pm and no call yet. Not impressed. I think my next step will be to put everything in writing and send to DISH Corporate, HN Corporate, Better Business Bureau and the State Attorney General's Office. I'm paying a lot of money for two services that are not providing the caliber of service promised and are apparently not interested in resolving the issue. Maybe if others did the same they would start paying attention to their consumers and provide the service and support they claim to have.
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