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  1. Good Luck, I doubt if you will ever get this resolved. I have been on Hughes Net since 2010 because I have no other choices. I have spent many hours fighting through their support structure. Spent over a week back and forth with the highest level of support, tracking all kinds of stuff for them. Never a solution. Basically they keep giving me discounts because they cannot make their speed commitment. I saw 6.0 MB once in the last two years. Typically I am below 1.0. I range from 60KB to 300KB most of the time. Switching to Gen 5 made no difference except I went over my data limit for the first time due to "leakage". They sent another modem and fixed that. I was finally told I am on Chan 10 in Oregon that is oversold and will never meet my speed expectation, then given another discount. I recently sent a question in asking since my data rate was so slow, what would happen if I went over the limit and was throttled down. Would my rate be less than the 300KB I get now? The response was a survey asking if they had fixed my problem. Naturally I raked them over the coals and sent a note telling them to answer the question not send a survey. They asked if they could contact me, I said yes. Guess what no contact. BTW, this problem has been on multiple devices through the 10 year period. Right now I have 3 PCs all Windows 10 at the latest level. Never attach more than one at a time. My wife hooks up her Iphone now and then but does not leave it on, she continually dies trying to load pics from the kids because the data speed is so slow even on her phone.
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