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  1. Sucks for you guys, im callin dway today, cancelling and getting adelphia:). is that true that dway overcharges your credit card after you cancel? ive had it for around 19 months, so i wont get charged for cancelling right?
  2. i had one question, if i am selling something, could i advertise it here? or is this not allowed...was just wondering, thank you
  3. i've heard in other forums that the D-Link modem disconnects alot while download and heats up all the time, is that true? thats the only curiosity i had about it and if thats not a problem ill probably go with it. gettting more votes for that one than the moto. thank you everyone. keep on posting
  4. Wow, looks like a big difference in speed!! lol. others please post and thanks pitbull for sharing..looks good!
  5. been looking at modems to buy since im changing into adelphia cable connection soon. well wich one is better? i cant make up my mind, so why dont you all help me please hehe.thank you
  6. i dont watch the " iilove lucy show" but if you could get me the phrase written ill glady help you..lol
  7. thakk you everyone. i will go ahead give them a call and ask them if my contract is over yet...and when i do cancel ill make sure to cancel the credit card or call the credit card company and tell them to restrict giving any money to direcwaY:)
  8. ok we know direcway sucks:)...i wonder how much time i have left till i can cancel..istarted my account on 01/30/2004 after how many months can you cancel the account? when will my nightmare be over in other terms ? hehe
  9. yes, buyt if its a animated gif.it wont move anymore..after saving that way
  10. i try to save gifs images..but theres no choice to save in .gif only bmp!:S..
  11. before when i used to save gif pic from a website i could save it directly into a gif ! and now it saves as an bmp when i right click on it and clivk on "save picture as" also the name says " untitled" instead of displaying the actual name of the pic. why is this? did i change any settings by accident? anyone know how to solve this issue? thankssss
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