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  1. I don't know how the idiots programed their site to send the same test results 4 times, when I did 4 separate test, and after each test, I hit the send test results button. Every email has the same test in it. How do they do that? Must be the first test over and over. And each test I put comments at the bottom of the form for which browser I used. Where are the comments? Not in the email. Nice test and nice looking site, but WTF, where are my other test and where are the comments from the email???? Ok, I found my comments, each email has different comments, but the test results
  2. I've been on dish for 5yrs and speed varies greatly and is rarely near the 25mbps they advertise. I use linux mint mate, and firefox and cromium are equally erratic and slow. been running the test my 12hr speed test on both browsers to compare and the browsers and os don't seem to be the problem. I was on cable w/ 50mbps speed and all was good a little over 5yrs ago. Switched to dish, (cause I moved to the corn fields in Indiana), and most of the time I only have 2 to 8mbps. ?&t=u&d=10092018&x=7&l=25&q=bth's Speed Test Results
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