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  1. I'm a new hughesnet customer got installed about two weeks ago only because a friend told me that hughesnet is the way to go. Because I live out in the middle of nowhere I really had no choice so I gave it a try. Tonight while trying to stream netflix i noticed a constant buffering in my movies. Every minute my movie would buffer. Finally I had enough and called up hughesnet and told them about my slow speeds. The agent was very nice and had me log in to my account and perform some speed tests. He informed me they were very low. I was getting about 2mbps download and 2mbps upload. Then he had me plug my laptop into the hughesmodem with ethernet cable and my speeds shot up to 45 mbps download and 3 mbps upload. He told me someone would give me a call in about three days. I dont know why my wifi would be so slow. I literally only have my laptop connected to my hughesmodem and the speed are so slow i have to use my cell phone provider to get any kind of decenter internet access out here. What would cause my wifi speeds to be so slow??
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