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    ncummock got a reaction from Alejandro007 in Auto test not running   
    Hi, I appreciate the helpful information in this post. A few questions/suggestions:
    1) You said "the browser window doesn't even need to be in focus or visible"... so from my understanding, you DO have to keep your browser open while the auto speed test is running, correct? I.e., you can minimize your browser or have it in the background, but it must stay open.
    2) That said, I think it would be pretty cool to have this automatic testing always running in the background, and maybe it could test via browser without actually opening it. Like, I'd be willing to download an app or something from TMN if I could set it to test my connection every 1.5 hours until I tell it to stop. I'd sure enjoy seeing a plot of my internet speeds over an entire year or something crazy like that, but that may just be me.
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