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  1. After two weeks of working on this, the final piece of the puzzle turned out to be the green box in my yard. This one sits between the sidewalk and the curb. As such it has taken several hits from the snow plows over the years. The entire box and its base was loose and able to rock back and forth. This apparently caused some sort of break in the connection. They dug the base up and replaced it. reinstalled the box and packed the soil in around it. Now I'm running at full speed 24/7. Good job by Mediacom in resolving this issue. Frank
  2. Sean, Called Mediacom and got a tech in NY. Looked at my account and took less than a minute to see that it was a hardware issue on their side. Cable guy came and tested the outdoor tap, checked my equipment and confirmed it was outside issue. Now to see if they can locate and repair. Thanks
  3. Well not me as I work from home and my wife is retired. I don't know what could be syncing? I shut my work computer and VPN off at 5pm, back in at 7am. Just seems really odd to me?
  4. I wonder if they have already switched me to a different path since I'm now getting good speeds during the day? Used to be terribly erratic all of the time??
  5. Hello, I've been having upload issues with my Mediacom internet. I work from home so I need a consistent upload speed during the day. After my last go around with the technician, he claimed that all of my problems were with my modem, and suggested that I get a Netgear modem, AND, that he was going to test my connection on a 10 minute interval for a week to prove his point. (which is how I found your program). I've been using the program for a week now, and during the week end, the upload/download perormance was pretty dismal, as usual (paying for 200/20 and getting 20/2). However, starting on Monday, during work hours, my speed is running 200/20. Then, between 7:30 PM and 9PM it drops back to 200/1. In the morning, between 6AM and 7:30 AM, it jumps back up to 200/20. I do run an occasional Speed Test and it seems to verify these numbers. Any ideas on why I would have a 'work hour network'?? thanks, Frank
  6. Is there a way to download my test results, say in a text or excel or csv format? I want to be able to print this off and share with the cable repair man when he shows up. Thanks,
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