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  1. Hello everyone, I'm using testmy.net to check my mobile internet speed. 4G download speed goes never above 60 Mbps, while at the same time testing on other apps gives me about 110-120 Mbps. So, regarding this, I have multiple questions : 1. Just to be sure, testmy.net does download of some file from test servers, and converting that to throughput? 2. Are there any limitations regarding speed? 3. Why different file size gives different results? 4. Why automatic speed test (DL & UL combined) gives different result from when I'm doing download speed test and upload speed test separately? (I choose for example DL file size 30MB and UL file size 15MB in both cases) 5. Is there a difference for testmy.net if I'm on 3G or LTE? Because for 3G upload, the max what I got is 3 Mbps. I was comparing upload speed of two phones and this is what I got (attached image). Thank you in advance for your answers!
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