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  1. Hello. It works now 1MB without forwarding. I have another questions about speeds, I get lower speeds when testing big file size for download - 200MB. For example, on 50MB file size I get 45-50Mbps and for 200MB I get only 25-30 Mbps.. why is this happening? I did tests also in January a lot and that was not the case, the bigger file => bigger speed. Thanks!
  2. Hi there, I choose that option but it is not working for DL : 3MB and UL : 1MB, even if I check this option, it is forwarded to bigger file size.
  3. Hello, I manually select 100 MB file. Let me explain you my situation : I'm not doing tests with this account. I have different accounts which I use. I use testmy.net a lot because I found it very reliable (reason 1) and it is not classic speed test like some other popular apps, it is just file download, single thread which I mostly need (reason 2). I am comparing two systems for one mobile operator, one phone is connected on public/commercial APN and one phone is connected to test APN which has implemented some technology which is speeding up 4G traffic (b
  4. Hi everyone, I have experienced that google chrome crashes while I was trying to make upload test on 100 MB file. I am doing tests with Samsung Galaxy Note 4 phones. I already tried several "solutions" I could find on internet (phone restart, application restart, etc..) but it isn't working. I tried switching to other SIM card (I read somewhere that maybe firewall can make issues) but that didn't help. I tried with different phone (Galaxy A6+) and everything works. I tried switching on Wi-Fi on Galaxy Note 4 and it crashed again.. That comes to conclusion that phone is m
  5. Hello everyone, I'm using testmy.net to check my mobile internet speed. 4G download speed goes never above 60 Mbps, while at the same time testing on other apps gives me about 110-120 Mbps. So, regarding this, I have multiple questions : 1. Just to be sure, testmy.net does download of some file from test servers, and converting that to throughput? 2. Are there any limitations regarding speed? 3. Why different file size gives different results? 4. Why automatic speed test (DL & UL combined) gives different result from when I'm doing download speed test
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