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    Version 10.9 final released today. I have been programming non-stop since I put v10.8 out. I'm confident enough with this new version to finally stamp it. 9 days later than expected, but I still had things that needed addressing before I could call it a new version.

    I work on the site live, on a daily basis so those of you that are here often may not notice too many changes. It's kinda like when you live with someone and they get all fat... but you don't notice because you see them every day . (you have to admit, that's a funny analogy). Most software developers prefer to work offline and release everything at once. I've always liked to work on the site live. Sometimes you'll catch an error during the late hours when I'm really implementing stuff... personally, programming like that pushes me to make less mistakes... it's made me better at what I do. If I mess up, then it effects my users and I DON'T want that. So working that way has pushed me to make less mistakes. It's not a normal way of doing things but it's how I work, so shut up!

    There has been 400 to 500 additional hours of programming and administrative work that has been put in since 10.8 was released >40 days ago. Remember, I'm only one person too... but I've literally been working 7 days a week to work towards v11.

    Most of the work has been put towards optimization of the code. At this point nearly 90% of the code behind the site has been rewritten from the ground up. There are also functionality and design changes as well. But, as I said... testmy.net is created by one person, not a development team. I can waste my time writing change logs or I can let my users figure out what's changed and put my efforts towards something more useful.

    Hope you all enjoy it, more to come.

    Bandwidth Speed Test

    - CA3LE
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