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  1. I know the GOOD stuff is eBay-able, but what about the C-64 WaterRTBH has and the other stuff that is perfectly good working junk... It kills me to trash it, but like was mentioned by Swimmer about the PC-100 memory, it's been a while. But it STILL does exactly what it did the day it was made. I put some of the bigger stuff (old P-II-300 servers and Trinitron monitors) on the curb and they seem to go away, but I've accumulated sooo much over the years that although good, isn't worth the freight it would cost to eBay it. USR Ext modems, Couriers(!), that 3 years ago were hundreds, now... $20 if your lucky. And non-profit orgs,aren't interested in it... As my partner says "It's all crap that you can't GIVE away! Get it out of here" I guess it's just a lament for our times and I should got over it and be on the look-out for "expiered" iPods... Once the Videos ones take off, I guess to tune-only ones will be in the same heap - Could this be the Silver-Lining?
  2. Does anyone have an idea what should be done with old equipment that is good but so old as to be worthless. Say... Top of the line Token-Ring equipment, 15/30 DLT tape drives, P-II Laptops w/Dock 10POUNDS of 100MHz Memory... All the stuff we dreamed of owning just a few short years ago and now ...? Any ideas? Before I trash it and tons more just like it?
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