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  1. Thanks for responding. I'm not sure what you mean? I use the same test on test my latency and choose google or frankfurt for my laptop and my plastation. The latency from my playstation is much higher than my laptop but i choose the same server to test, for example frankfurt or google and the ps4 and laptop are both in my own network. The only difference is the device. If u use the playstation than u use playstation network. Do you think this is the problem? I dont know where the playstation servers are, if I play fifa on ps4 I can see on my router that I play on fifa servers in Holland or Ger
  2. Hello, English is not my native language but I try to be as clear as I can. I have a lot of problems with my playstation when I play online especially with Fifa 20. I know that the game has bad gameplay and most of the time server issues so the gamplay is slow and there is a lot of delay. The only problem is that most of the time i see that i have more delay than my opponent. 90% of the time it is unplayable for me. I play on a gaming router with a cable and did a lot of traces where people say that it does not look very bad. The thing that I noticed and I hope somebo
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