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  1. I tried the ATi Catalyst drivers first and I bought the PC off of a friend cause he needed the money and the PC was brand new at the time, and he got WinXP Pro from someone else too..... Anymore suggestions?
  2. When I bought the computer it had WinXP PRO on it and everything ran smooth as hell.........Booted in like 15sec and gfx wroked fine........ but then i got a virus or something and it said a system file was missing so I reformated with a friends WinXP HOME CD... Now it takes like 1-2 min to boot and it runs for about an hour or so then freezes on me and when it boots back up it says that there was something with my drivers for my graphics card...... I have up to date OMEGA Gfx drivers and it still does it what is the problem with this piece....... My hardware is as follows Asus MOBO P4R800-VM 80gig HDD ATi Radeon 8500 512 DDR RAM 350 Watt Power Supply Intel P4 2.8 Ghz HT
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