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  1. Hey My name is Joe, and I used to work @ Vonage as a Tier 2 Tech. Let me queue you in on a few things, OK here they come, COMCAST is @ FAULT, and your settings on your router are NOT correct. you see Comcast is a direct competitor of Vonage's and they would just love to make you spend all that extra $ each month, and have it go in their pocket, SOOO, if they can make Vonage look bad, They will! Like I said, I USED TO WORK THERE, I DON'T ANY MORE, so I SPEAK OF THIS STRAIGHT,! YOU need to call Vonage Tech Support, tell the Indians that you have been working with a Tier 2 tech, and want to be x-fered there (EXPECT TO WAIT FOR ANYWHERE FROM A 1/2 Hr to an HOUR, the guys & gals there are relay busting hump to get to every body, so please be patient! Then when you get put through, MAKE SURE YOUR TALKING TO TIER 2 (!), then tell the person your talking to to do the following in CCA: 1) put your bandwith to NORMAL 2) depending on the model of device you have (TI Chipsets ROCK for this!) have them set the voice packets to 10 ms, and the Data packets to 30 ms (if you have a Motorola VT1005 model your screwed, all you can do is Voice, and they MUST go to 10 ms!) 3) have them set the RTP start port from the default of 10,050 to 15,050 AND 4) have them set the RTP end port from the default 10,150 to 15,150 Now for what YOU need to do: 1) it sounds like you went out and bought a wireless "G" band router (either the WRTP54G or the new D-Link VWR) they broadcast in the 2.4 GHz band and WILL JAM your cordless in the following ways; If you are using a cordless phone of the 2.4 GHz variety, then you will have choppy audio both in-bound & out-bound, &if of the 5.8 GHz variety then you WILL have choppy audio out-bound (5.8's use 5.8GHz from the base to the hand sets but 2.4GHz from the handsets to the base) YOU NEED TO MOVE THE BASE STATION OF THAT CORDLESS AT LEAST 15' (the more the better) away from the cordless router!!! also 2) put the antenna on the wireless Vonage router into the horizontal plane (ALL cordless phones are Vertically polarized, and almost all Laptops etc. are horizontally polarized) so you get an added bonus, not only does your phone clear up, but you have an extension of your laptop's range! Of course the BEST cordless phones are of course 900 MHz ANALOGUE phones, BUT if you are worried about someone listening in on your conversations with an ordinary scanner, you can do a search for a 900 MHz DIGITAL phone, yes they did make them for a while BUT THEY ARE SCARCE SO BE PREPARED TO PAY ALOT MORE THAN A REGULAR 900 phone! I hope this helps you out, these little changes have cured more than 99% o the cases I ran into while I worked there, and the 1%'ers well they had other issues (such as using a wireless or satelite ISP) which YOU don't have. Oh, by the way, please excuse my spelling, never was very good at it, have spell checker will travel, you know Good Luck, Joe McM.
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