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  1. I have tried the automatic speed test, just looking for something that can be run locally as a service so that it keeps going without having to have a window open (or even be logged in). Let me know when you get those permissions fixed for the beta group.
  2. Like the title says, is there any possibility that we can get the automatic test in Windows service format so that it runs continuously forever (at set intervals) and stores the log locally? I do a lot of internet work from my house, and I have a line quality monitor on 24/7 @ 2.5s log intervals, but none of the network monitoring packages I know of offer available bandwidth monitoring like your website does. I just recently ran into an issue (and the reason I searched out your website in the first place) where the ISP was clearly having a problem, as I had 1Gbps down, 0.5Mbps up (effect
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