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  1. ok i lied, its still having the same problem and here i am posting. i tried downloading the ac 97 sound file, but i cant find any compatabile with my computer, and i dont know where my reformating disc is so i cant do that... anyone have any ideas what to do? i am totally lost and a computer with no sound just isnt fun
  2. that didnt work for me because under the sounds video and game controllers i didnt have that tab (i had audio codecs, legacy audio drivers, legacy video capture device, media control device, video codecs, none of which had a driver tab.' but i did find a ? by other devices, multimedia audio controller, gonna try to that there and see what happens. if i dont post again afterwards... im still having problems
  3. My ingenious brother has recently deleted my Multimedia Audio Controller from my computer, and for some reason its not allowing me to reinstall the files just from my computer. I have a T6520 Emachines comp, and have been trying to find out what files I need too get this back. My computer has no sound, no sound works, all I get are some annoying beeps. Can anyone help me out?
  4. at this time its reading 53 degrees... runs up to 62 while im attempting to play cs. 145 degree threshhold. i have seen this before when i was trying to fix it i think it was at the 90's.
  5. im not too good with computers so... how do i check its temperature and i dont see any 4 pins to connect a power cable to. whats a good temperature range just so i know right away if thats the problem
  6. i have a... geforce 6600 GT and i did try removing it, didnt do anything. its as old as battlefield 2 (why i got it)...
  7. I just wanted to let you guys know i do aprreciate the help you guys are giving I tried what you said Voltage, and it didnt work for me. i tried to install the old drivers, made it worse, and now i have the newest drivers which are making it better, but its still there. you guys think buying a new video card would solve it all? (thats a last resort, i dont have that kind of money on hand lol)
  8. and thats just for counter strike, its worse for other games
  9. how do i insert an image from my computer? (stupid question... i know) and i tried those test, they came with nothing.. i have a few pictures of my counterstrike experience.
  10. ive been having this problem recently when i play computer games that my screen looks like someone shot a bullet in the center of the screen, and it looks like the moniters is just shattered glass, everywhere. It makes me not be able to see anything and I have no idea how to fix this problem, is it my Video Card? or is it some setting. It happens on almost every game i have except ones that have bad graphics. can someone help me out?
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