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  1. Did you ever get certified? I never finished Semester 2 haha
  2. Heh, I went to the Elkhart Career Center for Cisco networking... have you heard of it?
  3. I guess the cables could be a possibility, but I seriously doubt it. Oh well.. I can deal with it as long as it doesn't drop any further (the speed).
  4. But I used to get 4Mbps back when they first implemented it, and nothing has changed since then. So I really doubt it's my setup
  5. They told me there found no issues with my modem, and there was no maintenence being done in my area.
  6. I live in Mishawaka, Indiana, and I only get a constant 3Mbps instead of 6Mbps that I should be getting. I talked to Comcast and they don't think there's a problem, which there obviously is.
  7. I play games a lot online, I know for a fact, DSL has horrible pings.
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