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  1. I don't like sounding stupid but I'll never know if I don't ask. I just changed to AT&T since they have the new fiber optic system here now. I had Cox cable but they just got too expensive. What I have now is the 300mbps speed, unlimited internet. Below is my speed. These numbers don't seem right? AT&T website says DL @ 90 something speeds. If I could get someone's opinion I would really appreciate it. I don't even know if these speeds are good or bad. The test doesn't tell you anything but the numbers and that doesn't do anything for me. Any help is very much appreciated! d. alexandra My Results Minimum: 42.86 Mbps : 32.32 Mbps Average: 43.73 Mbps : 36.13 Mbps [show Median] Maximum: 44.6 Mbps : 39.94 Mbps Speed in Mbps05101520253035404550 Minimum: 42.9 Mbps / 39.9 Mbps Maximum: 42.9 Mbps / 39.9 Mbps Average: 42.9 Mbps / 39.9 Mbps Last: 42.9 Mbps / 39.9 Mbps
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