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  1. good day everybody. i'm planning to overvolt my memory (pqi ddr400). it's normal voltage (i read from the bios) is flunctuates somewhere between 2.44-2.46 volts. up to how much i can overvolt it? is an additional 0.3, 0.35, or 0.4 volts safe. i'm going to replace the memory (the whole system) soon so i do not fear much of frying it. thanks.
  2. Go for the X1950 Pro/XT (ATI/AMD) or 7950 GT/7800 GS (NVIDIA) all of those cards require AGP 8x slots though. For AGP 4x, it's Radeon 8500 or GeForce Ti 4600... Why don't you just invest in a new PC?
  3. I forgot the name of this case. I looked anywhere and no good. But I did see that there are two slots for case fans to fit in.
  4. I do have a Celeron D 2.8G (Prescott). Just fixed the FDD. Thanks. Everyone, I do have the stock cooling system here and I just have one auxiliary fan on the side of the case.
  5. I just did some manual cleaning a bit ago. Seems that I am really too lazy to clean this PC that it started to turn its back on me. Well, I just said my apologies to it and cleaned it and here are the results: CPU Temp when Idling: abt. 45 deg C (abt 115 deg F) CPU Temp at Full Load: abt. 65 deg C (abt 150 deg F) They all went down. My question is, are the temperatures okay enough? Or should I seek some more help? Another thing. It may sound like off-topic but it is a problem that arises from fixing the problem above. My Floppy Drive won't work. It's LED is always on and it won't go off. I've tried resetting the cables connected to it and the same thing is still happening. Maybe I'm too rough at handling such delicate object...
  6. Uh, actually. It was last year. I'm so busy/lazy that I can't look at it in more frequent intervals. But can dust be really a huge factor to make the CPU temperatures soar so high? I've seen CPU temps online and they would post some sort of less than 100 deg F. At idle times it would go 65 deg C (about 150 F) At busy times it would be 90+ C (190+ F) The PC will shut down usually at 95+ C (200+ F) Hell, I'm so poor I can't even buy a can of compressed air. I'm even thinking of underclocking since I'm really broke. Another question. Is 150 F still high for an idle system?
  7. When I play games in this PC, it will suddenly turn off after some minutes of playing. I turned it on and when check the CPU temp. in the BIOS, it would say something ranging from 210-220 deg F. Any thoughts on that temperature?
  8. i've tried the "loose connectors" and it seems to work... i'm using the concerned pc as i type this post. thanks to you guys! but what if it really is the psu? one time i tried to remove my dvd drive and the same thing happens (cept to the fact that there's no more blinking dvd drive led) thanks again!
  9. it seems that everyone has the same answers...and thank god nobody answered anything 'bout "nuking" my pc... got to try the "loose connections", and the battery (that's the small round one that really looks like a battery right?)... can't believe that 450w isn't enough for entry levels nowadays... in case my psu's not pumping enough juice, how much power do i need? thnaks to you guys again :D i'll go check back in here after i try the first two... (can't spend 'coz inflation sucks)
  10. i don't know the problem of my pc (hence, that's the subject) but here it goes... there are times when my pc goes fine but sometimes it suddenly restarts and as it restarts, the auto scandisk kicks in (i use win2k sp4) and it always detects the anti-spyware program in my registry. i uninstalled the program (spysweeper to be exact) and replaced it with ad-aware. it still restarts but it doesn't detect the spysweeper anymore. then my worst day came when the pc suddenly turned itself off and power itself up and... everything seems to be fine, except that the screen is blank (i know there's nothing wrong with the display), the things inside the case are running but i don't hear that usual "beep" when starting the pc up. the only light i'm seeing is the blinking led of my dvd writer. no win2k splash screen, no beep, and keyboard isn't working (so no access to bios). I pressed the reset button on the unit and the same thing is still happening. i don't know what really happened but... i hope anyone can help. anyway, these are the specs of my pc: - intel celeron d 336(?) 2.8g processor; ecs p4m800pro mainboard; pqi ddr400 512mb (x2) ram; sony dru(or dku, can't remember)820 dvd-+r/rw writer; 80gb 7200rpm hdd; 450w psu... that's as far as i can go, i'm hoping that anyone here can help me. have a nice day! i hope no one answers that "nuking" my pc's the only way... too bad for me... my little brother himself "voided" my warranty
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