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  1. I have been useing a build named "MINT" from Ireland. it will run from a CD or you can install to a hard drive. It is a build from Ubuntu and Debian. I also have a build of KNOPPIX on a thumb drive as well as UBUNTU on another thumb drive. If you have a Bios that you can boot a thumb drive is effective. I have not been able to get MINT to run on my 64 bit lap top and I have not searched to see if they have 64 bit build. Read about MINT here http://www.linuxmint.com/about.php
  2. You may of had access to the recovery stuff but you state you can't access it now so that is water under the bridge. Get the recovery disk's and you will have what you need. Some times a few dollars spent is worth a lot of simplicity over looking at just finding the drivers or finding some one who has the recovery disks and will make a copy and then getting them to you. Besides the recovery disk will make the secondary partition and the puter will look like it did when you purchased it. Sure you will need to reload those after purchase programs but that would be needed any way. So cut out coffee , cigarettes or those energy drinks for a couple days and have less grief. Keep life simple
  3. Why not do this, open the following url and order the recovery disks for your unit? https://secure.tx.acer.com/RCDB/Main.aspx?brand=acer That will get you the OS , programs and all the drivers.and on top of it all you will be legal.
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