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  1. Then what they have to do is this... whatever you consume LESS than 40gb they will CREDIT your account... how about that??? Things in Puerto Rico are always ONE sided... If people don't stand up... You will get busted.
  2. i haven't had any issues with speed.. so you have never ever downloaded an mp3 right??? a ringtone??? lets not start I am saint crap now... But again.. you are in favor of the cap.
  3. certainly dmax... I've had dmax for more than 10 years now... on my fathers house not a single outage and even on fast path i had decent pings.. 80-110... so ... playable... 5mbit is very attractive.. even [email protected] is very VERY good.
  4. every business is about profits... but from that to mistreating your customers is another story.. look what happened to DMAX and how they lost that many customers.. When i was working there, at least they wanted to change a bit the situation, but they still had the attitude of: for every one we loose we will gain 4... They didn't want to raise the speeds, nor they wanted to do ANYTHING about it.... So what has happened.. they had to add 2mbit.. when they saw it wasn't enough... now they are giving 5mbit.. same thing will happen to craplink if they continue with this issue... If they are having problems with the additional services, get more backbones... not limit your customers. The internet is a service and its like saying.. The electric company is going to limit you to 425kw / month... You can only oversub so much.
  5. More info please.... That is what happens when an american company is bought by a puertorrican company.. then they don't want discrimination. .but i guess its bound to happen sooner or later... That is a sustained 15/s transfer rate.... and the upload you will be able to cap it at a sustained rate of 4k/s which is ridiculous... most of the time you transfer that much just downloading and surfing.. they want to strictly make the system no P2P. They will loose a lot of customers.
  6. its ridiculous.. all they have to do is up their backbones.. they have plenty customers... DSL is not doing this in ANY way.. with 5mbit... you can be pretty darn sure that now they are up to par.
  7. impossible.. that is totally ridiculous.. where did you hear this? i am quite sure many people will complain
  8. Well... finally we have some competition and the customer is getting what they payed for... 5mbit from dmax and 512kb for 24.95. Sounds good... I still think that onelink is ahead because: Although Onelink has 4.4mbit... you get 100% bandwidth capacity, where as with dmax you get 80% That means 550kb/s with dmax more or less sustained vs 535kb/s sustained for onelink... onelink is cheaper... 30/month cheaper AND you do not need a phone line with all teh stupid fees.
  9. I have setup a forum where you can discuss in spanish all your needs. goto www.cvoxonline.com/forums post there all your downloads and uploads problems issues... IN SPANISSH!!!!!!!!!
  10. Well ... we should do something about it.. yes... total throttling to about 9k/s I never signed something that said they limited that type of connection...
  11. 4 days ago I was able to have pings under 100 on most servers i joined... Its a problem with a "slow browsing" as they call it.. its probably a problem with one of the routers (I worked there) and they rerouted the traffic and overloading one of the routers. As of now my effective bandwidth with the testmy.net is 190Kbps... i have a 2mbit connection. What I am trying to find out is if everyone is experiencing this or is it just me, because if it is just me then my dslam is overloaded or my card is dead. Either call someone upstairs and try to restart the card or ask them to move me from my selected port.
  12. This is what i am getting this past few weeks ::.. testmy.net test results ..::: Download Connection is:: 193 Kbps about 0.19 Mbps (tested with 386 kB) Download Speed is:: 24 kB/s Upload Connection is:: 165 Kbps about 0.2 Mbps (tested with 386 kB) Upload Speed is:: 20 kB/s Tested From:: https://testmy.net (Server 1) Test Time:: 2007/04/19 - 4:34pm D-Validation Link:: https://testmy.net/stats/id-B6SDMIZN3 U-Validation Link:: https://testmy.net/stats/id-JZEBPGIK1 User Agent:: Mozilla/5.0 (Windows; U; Windows NT 5.1; en-US; rv: Gecko/20070309 Firefox/ [!] Good? I pay for 2mbit!
  13. For the moment... i am using prtdsl with 2mbit connection and RIGHT NOW PINGS ARE HORRIBLE!!!!! 300++++ I am in a fast path connection. No interleaving. Haveyou experienced this? Know of any forums where prt topics are more active? Thanks
  14. How are pings for gaming with the 2mbit/512 package? I am really interested in this as I might be moving that route from onelinkpr.net and I wouldn't want to loose the ability to play online.Off peak hours with onelinkepr.net I get around 70-90ms ping. Which is decent for gaming. Ideas? Thank you
  15. as of right now... you can download way faster with dmax... w/o throttling on all angles. That is something to really consider.
  16. any more updates on this??? I am getting really slow transfers... 1.2mbit or such... the profiles have changed again from 4400 to 3000. This really sucks... any opinions on this? Thanks
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