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  1. 512 upload? im on the "new system" and have 3000/256, you say they upgrade you for free to 3000/512? im not so sure about that, im in mich and i haven't heard anything w/ 512 upload
  2. ya i got a free upgrade im still only charged 42.95 for 3000/256 that is staying for good, im in the detroit area, i haven't heard of any othe packages though
  3. i was considering going "pro" for the internet but im curious if they also up'ed the speed on there pro service, anyone have a clue if they did?
  4. alrighty, i just made a membership here, i got that comcast speed bump bout 2 months ago, good pings to the dns server, bout like 7ms, do you know if the bumped up the pro service it was like 3.5/384 before the speed bump, its like 100 month though, 5 static ips. i would go w/ WOW but they only allow so much transfer a month, i wonder if u pay them more they will take that off, there doin 4m/500k for 60 dollar, i just test my speeds as u see below, comcast decided to screw w/ the cable down the street and dropped my signal about -7db, fun fun fun later
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