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  1. hey due thx...... but my computer itself doesnt freezes i cant open the dialer or can evn diconnect i have to reboot the computer
  2. i am using dataone bb 900ul plan with adsl modem utsatrcom 300r2u sometimes during surfing my modem hangs and thn i have to restart my computer and modem to connect to net plz help Its like evrything is going smoothly but suddenly the web pages stop loading. But i can see the lan icon on the taskbar showing tht am still connected to the net.But practically its disconnected coz pages rnt loading anymore. Now i try to disconnect the net by right clicking on the lan icon but it doesnt disconnect.Now i try double clickng the broadband dialer,but nothing heppens i retry double clicking it but still no result.. Now with no other way left i restart my modem and computer and then try to connect thn only i can connect.... But somtimes i evn have to restrt my computer several times... is it due to my modem ,pc or isp
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