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  1. Hi guys. Thanks for this bit of info. 1st I'll go look at my hardware outside for any snow buildup and to make sure the ground is ok. I'll let you know after. What did you mean about resetting and touching the end for 10 secs. I unplugged my modem and waited about 1 min every time and it never gave no better results. For the snow and the ground I'll go have a look but I don't believe it's the case. We just got maybe 6inches of snow but I was having those problems before this snow. Ane for my Mac it's a Mac Mini with a PPC processor using mac os x 10.4.8 Tiger. And I'm not sure about this modem
  2. It's not really about tweaking my Mac. It's more about checking my stuff to know what gives me those slow speeds lately. I was used to getting aroun 400kbps before and since about a month I can't seem to get anything close to 200kbps. I would like to know if there is a way to test my xplornet stuff, and find out what is causing this speed decrease! Thanks hope you can help...
  3. Thanks for the replu Tommie. But I run a Mac. I don't have those spyware and junk that windows users have. I don't have to defrag and all the rest because of the way they built Mac os x when you do something on the hard drive it is optimized automatically. Not like windows who just throws the stuff anywhere on the hard drive. So nothing of this can affect my speed. I even tried it on another Mac that is fully formated and ready for sale and the results are the same. Even on my cousins pc. So I know it's the computers fault. Thanks for the help. I was wondering if there was something I can do t
  4. Hi granpa thanks for the reply. I don't really know whats going on. I know I used to get good speeds and now it's real slow. The only times i can get 456kbps is at 6:30 in the morning and at that time usually I'm gone to work or asleep. I was thinking about getting a faster package but the way I see it right now it's a ripoff. I'm paying for 512 now and I can't even get 200 what if I pay for the 1000 package am I going to get around 900 or am I only going to get around 500 which is what I'm paying for now? Do you use satellite right now? What is your experience? Do you think I would get bigger
  5. Hi great to hear from you. One thing? How can I talk to Tommie Gorman? Remember I'm new to the forum? Any help is highly apreciated! Thanks
  6. Please help! Hi I'm new here. I got Xplornet satellite high speed internet (they say high speed) about 7 months ago. I'm paying for 512kbps down and 128kbps up. At first and until about a month ago I was always getting around 400kbps down and now I can't even hit the 200kbps mark! Something is wrong somewhere! I called Xplornet abut 50 times and I'm waiting for a call from there level 3 which is supposed to be anikast telesat directly. I'm using a Mac so I know my speed issues aren't spyware or virus related. And yes I do have protection against them anyway but the only thing this protection s
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