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  1. Well, the guy whose ytmnd I took the wav from to make http://seizureinducing.ytmnd.com told me that the song is Strangeprogram by DJ Sharpnel. I found an mp3 of the song, but it turns out that that clip is the only part of the song that is any good.
  2. Well, it turns out that if I go into quicktime and go under Window, A/V controls, I can slow down the song in wav or mp3 format. If I turn the bass down too then I can kind of hear the lyrics, but not really. I'd appreciate if any of the more linguistic people here could slow down the song and understand the lyrics.
  3. I have windows media player for mac, so I'll convert the file to mp3 or something and try that. But even if it works I doubt I'll recognize the lyrics.
  4. Is there a way to slow down wav files? If I could do that maybe I could understand enough of the song to google the lyric.
  5. Darn it, now I wish I'd paid more attention in middle and high school French class.
  6. I thought it sounded Japanese, but now that you mention it it does sound like it was modified.
  7. I know how to download the sound clip, but I want to know what the song is called so I can find the full version.
  8. http://seizureinducing.ytmnd.com Does anyone know what the song used in this ytmnd is?
  9. I attached the mp3 to my post, but if you insist I link it I will. http://content.ytmnd.com//165000/165658/sound.mp3
  10. I got this mp3 file on a ytmnd site, but the author did not give any clue as to what the song was called. Can anyone here help me?
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