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  1. Just tried your instruction Sparticus, but to no avail there was not much development. Is there any way to improve my connection? Or any software (accelerators) that does the thing? I'd rather not post my new test now tsince there's not much difference. Thanks guys!
  2. Hello everyone! I just have this little problem because I feel that my connection speed is slower than what I should be expecting. Right now I really don't know where to start and don't know what to do.I have an HP P4 3.2 GHz laptop, 1GB RAM, running on Windows XP with DSL wireless connection (512 Kbps from QTel - Qatar) through Belkin ADSL Modem Wireless G Router (6 computers are connected here). I also have done all the necessary cleanups and scanning. I mean I don't have any problems running multiple programs except that I'm not satisfied with what I get from my connection. I have install
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