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  1. See what happens when you try to be nice... I'm still on the floor
  2. The fastest way to be sure: Move the 3rd computer down (from upstairs) and replace it with one of the two computers down stairs and see if it will connect then. If it does, then there's no doubt a cabling issue going upstairs.
  3. Thanks. I really look like Dezzz (above) when I get all cleaned up....
  4. Dezzz, Very interesting piece of information. Thanks for taking the time to follow-up on the forum. I thought my cable light was broken / as it has no rhyme or reason to its blinking madness...
  5. Good Luck Swimmer! Study hard so you don't end up looking like I do...
  6. Original Question: "Does my ISP suck or is it just me?" Krankbt, I think you may be confused about the link speed. Your advertised speed is NOT the download speed as one might think. We (you & I) measure download speed in KiloBYTES (KB). The advertised speed is in KiloBITS (Kb). Your ISP said 512 max download and your test showed 534 (faster than advertised!) Translation: 534Kbps download would actually be 65KB
  7. RTB - Thanks for the BITE/BIT correction. I guess that's what is bugging me... I can't understand why the ISP's advertised speed is measured in Kbps. No one can figure out thier true down/up speed unless they do the conversion (and I'm guessing not many know about the conversion). Just venting.. Grrrr.....
  8. Thanks RTB- This may sound 'basic' to most but I discovered the following and want to share with other newbies: Kbps = KiloBITES per second KB/sec = KiloBYTES per second ISP's advertise thier speed in "Kbps" (i.e. 384/384 Kbps) Users measure their speed in "KB/sec" So, it would be very easy for someone to be confused as to why they can not download at the ISP's advertised 384 speed. I noticed this because I run an email server and everything is measured in KB's. I also looked at all of my data measuring software and they all measure in KB/sec (none measure in Kbps
  9. I have (or so I'm paying for) a 1.5/384 DSL connection. I'm just now learning (thru this forum) that even though I have the 384KBs upload connection that doesn't mean I can upload data at that speed. That is only my 'connection speed'. What is the diffence between the connection speed and the upload speed? Seems to be a misleading sales pitch by the ISP's; Or is there an explaination? Thanks - Hippie
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