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  1. Telesat doesn't advertise their FAP specifics.. they don't even give them to their resellers. Trust me, it's a pain in the arse.
  2. Xplornet "allows" p2p as far as they don't actively block it. Honestly, Xplornet is just a reseller, so they don't have much control over the network itself. I imagine the same for NetKaster, but if p2p traffic becomes a problem, I would expect them to throlttle you.
  3. You got that right.. HughesNet (DirecWay) isn't that bad, though.
  4. Technically it's just Telesat, Xplornet is just Telesat's largest reseller.. even bigger than Telesat's own service Anikast.
  5. In all honesty guys, you can't compare wireless to each other unless you're in the same area as you would be on different networks and Xplornet has different transit providers for every network they have. If one network is having speed problems, that doesn't mean the others will. Satellite, on the other hand, is a tricky call.
  6. Thanks. I hope to be of some help to users.
  7. simi-dimpskin, what province are you in?
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