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  1. That is correct. PX500 plus pci to pcmcia adaptor so it will work on my desktop since it has pci slots. Although I'm curious if there is an advantage to the Merlin card over the PX500. I called back and the operator told me EVDO rev A won't be available for a couple more months. He also said both cards can be routed. Appreciate the welcome
  2. Those are decent ping rates. I am not sure if rev A is available. On the phone I was told it will be rev A but, she absolutly did not know what she was talking about technically. I asked if I could route to my other PC and she said no and that I would have to have two cards and two accounts. When there website clearly states that the merlin s720 is usable with the linksy router. http://powervision.sprint.com/mobilebroadband/devices/S720card.html I'm trying to get this for two desktops. If you could enlighten me on which card and how to route to my other pc it would be helpful. Answer to Tommie is PCI to PCMCIA adaptor. http://www.newegg.com/Product/ProductList.asp?DEPA=0&type=&Description=PCI+to+PCMCIA+card&Submit=ENE&N=0&Ntk=all&Go.x=0&Go.y=0
  3. Just ordered EVDO-A. Cancelling mt Hughesnet order. Save the 300 upfront since I just have to pay 59.99 a month and no equipment to buy( PX500 card is free after instant rebate). VSAT technician recommended EVDO over staellite for on line gaming purposes. In the next few days I will report back. In the meanwhile can someone else enlighten me on how their on line gaming works with EVDO-A. TIA
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