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  1. I'm not complaining, really. But I would like to know how I am able to get speeds greater than the 760kbs I pay for from SBCglobal. I have performed many tweaks listed on your site and keep everything very clean. Is there max speed out there for me to grab onto if I change modems? I think that's way to easy. Thanks
  2. I'm not complaining, but how can I have speeds greater than I'm paying for? ATT says up to 750, this afternoon I got: 804 Last month I was asking for your help in getting more speed, which I received. yesterday day my speed was 713 up. Plus I really like your forums. I have got so much information about computers in general. And no body acts like a smart [email protected]@ know it all. thanks
  3. A few weeks ago I was complaining about 614 on a 750 max ATT connection. Now I am getting: . with no changes on my part. Although they did move the nod closer to my home. and I'm glad
  4. Hello, I have ATT/Yahoo DSL up to 750kbs it's all I can afford. I'm getting 673 download not too concerned with up. I live apox. 60 miles from server and in a old neighborhood with old wireing. I have done cable nut tweaks and TCP optimizer. I'm a good housekeeper, Adaware , CCleaner, Defrag, spyblaster, Trojans. anti-root etc twice weekly, if not more. Any hints other than upgrading service. I can't do that on social security. thanks in advance
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