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  1. Well, maybe I'm ignorant regarding these matters, but what's "bonded dial up"? I've never heard of that term before. Phil
  2. Ouch. Something is definitely wrong. Are you using a surge supressor between your modem and the telephone jack? I've found that they can degrade performance. You should also try to rule out whether it might be the telephone wiring in your house. Open the network interface box and see if there's a test jack. If so, try plugging your modem in there. You may need to use a bit of an extension in order to reach it. That way you can bypass the house's wiring. BTW, that's how I am connected right now. There's so much static and noise on this house's internal wiring that it's unusable for dialup networking. The wiring is almost too bad to even use for voice communications. Phil
  3. You should be able to do it using Cablenut; however, I prefer to use "TCP Optimizer." You can find it here: https://www.speedguide.net/downloads.php Click the little button that says "Custom settings" and then change the values for MTU and RWIN. Then click the "Apply changes" button. Very easy. Phil
  4. Try these settings: MTU = 576 RWIN = 8576 MSS = 536 (This should be set automatically. If not, set it to this.) Everything else should be set to the default values. I am also on dialup and those settings are working fairly well for me. I don't know if they're the best, but they are the best I have tried so far. Phil
  5. Hi 24Kbps, You've given us download test results, but I don't remember seeing anywhere what your connection speeds are. Maybe you did and I don't remember. What speed is your modem connecting at? If you hold your mouse cursor over the DUN icon in the System Tray, the connection speed should be displayed. Also, what values are you using for MTU and RWIN? Phil
  6. Hi, Your ISP is probably disconnecting you automatically. A dial-up connection isn't meant to be used 24/7. Some ISPs are really strict about it. My current one disconnects me after four hours. My last one would disconnect me after five hours. They even disabled my account because I went over ten hours a day too many times. And they wouldn't enable it again until the first day of the next month, which was several days away. And when they did re-activate my account, the guy told me that if it happens again my account will be disabled permanently. BTW, there is nothing in their TOS about this policy. Phil
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