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  1. PS - sites...i want to host....personal site: mekanical.com & stacynews.com no $$$ is EVER taken from those two sites.....Verizon has made exceptions for me SO many times, I thought they would move mountains for me....I mean, I used to convince clients to move out of SBC land to come to Verizon land...bah...I need to get some shut eye....interview in the morning..... anyone need a net engineer going back to school in So Cal?
  2. I usually idle on RFC 1459 but anyway... I'm so friggin mad over Verizon's decision to block port 21 & 80....I mean seriously! With XAMMP, WAMMP, LAMMP-----whatever!.....even IIS becoming more accessible to the everyday users....why stifle creativity....i'm currently compiling a list of all the employees @verizon.com that deal with FIOS and I plan on using my meager resources to fill their inbox with a TRUE annoyance.....SPAM.....I think with our distant second in regards to JAPAN's FIBER straight to the boxes....Verizon could have taken a more sensible stance on this issue.... i'm 25 and i've been waiting for everyone to catch up since I got my hands a 286 with qbasic a VERY long time ago.... geezus...getting my parents to put their .75 MB pictures on the net was supposed to be EASIER after they got more Bandwidth....not capped off @ 10MB by Verizon's meager web offering.....either that or my family can put stacynews.com on the shelf......it's just a family album....but still......suggesting.....it's easy for me to gargle E-mails & even easier to blast proxied smtps....even easier than their backwards decision to block 21 & 80....here's some technical specs on a 6 hop scan from VZW dsl if anyone is interested in "defeating" the filter... BTW the defeating the filter is FOR EDUCATIONAL purposes only to determine the legitimacy of verizon's policies in regards to it's effectiveness @ keeping the chinese or whoever the hell's been taggin up my FTP log's OUT! PS - I have more Dynamic DNS accounts than hairs on my head....I don't need help....I need rationale from my USED to be FAV. telco..... PSS - [my email] or myspace.com/ev3r if you've got fios and want to donate some time for some nmap script scans against my computer...I need more tests... Like my fance DNS?? I'm too ashamed of my TTL to put it through all that....btw I've hosted my sites on an Earthlink DIAL UP BEFORE...i'm not pushing a ton of BW.....grrr i'm off the soap box...but i'm really mad...unemployed, and i've got way too much time on my hands...what should I do? edit: for member privacy
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