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  1. Just thought I'd vent here about my experiences on 3/18/2005 with Time Warner Roadrunner in LA & my experiences with them in general lately. Specifically, my internet speed was absolutely abysmal on Friday and I called Time Warner up to see if this was a problem I had caused by downloading some programs and tweaking them or if something was wrong with their system. Anyway, the retarded woman who answered insisted that there was nothing wrong with their server and it must be my computer. Well I then proceeded to waste my time and tinker with my computer for about 5 hours with endless boots and reboots and got nowhere and felt like I was knocking my head against a brick wall. Later in the evening service began to get to normal browsing speed again. I asked my brother in law who lives nearby & is on the same service if he had problems, he said he had problems the whole day and couldn't even connect most of the time (I could connect but it took too much time). The bottom line is I'm furious at Time Warner for hiring these incompotents now who can't even give you a direct straight honest answer. I'm not upset that there was problems with their service, I'm upset because they wouldn't admit to it and as a result I wasted alot of time and energy messing about with my computer. Lately, it seems when I talk to someone on the phone there for technical help., English is either a second language or they know nothing period.[pre][/pre]
  2. You and other people are not going to like this answer, but for something as important as the internet, you're better off paying some computer technician $75-$120 to come over to your place and set your computer up in such a way that you do get good internet speed as it sounds like you've got some software problems that are above you.
  3. Should I go ahead and basically double my internet speed on Roadrunner from around 3600 download to 6000 download and 350 upload to 512 (or around there) for about $25 more a month? Right now there are some sites I get on superfast when surfing and other sites are a little slow. Will these slow sites be noticeably faster now or will they still be slow because of their server? What would you do? My download speed presently is about 3200 and upload speed is about 320.
  4. I just installed these 2 programs and can't really notice that much of a diference though my broadband speeds are slightly faster. I'm on Roadrunner Cable and I hit around with the 12% adjustment, about 3100-3200 on downloads 52X better than modem and about 320 on the uploads, 5-6X better than modem. Should I be happy with these results or should I want more. I use the "standard" optimizer for ActiveSpeed. What exactly do they mean by uploading? In regards to loading does anyone know how to speed up process any faster?
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