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  1. Don't worry....it won't be difficult. I'm in a rural area, but not TOTALLY isolated....7 miles from the nearest town which offers DSL - not sure if cable modem is offered - and within about 50 miles of fairly large cities. I generally connect on dial-up at 24Kbps. Occasionally I connect at 26.4 Kbps, but that is the BEST connection speed EVER for me! I've used several different ISPs and that doesn't make a difference. Friends in my area connect at the same speed. Friends in other areas of our rural community connect at much faster speeds (usually 44-48K). A friend told me it's the phone lines. Our phone company is totally unconcerned. I'm beginning to think they will never make DSL available in our area. Does any have any suggestions. Anyone else out there stuck with connection speeds this low? Lower??? A friend also advised me there is a minimum speed that phone companies have to offer for all dial up users. Does anyone know what this speed is? Finally - I have the results of my test scan....this is NOT a joke (at least I don't think it's funny):
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