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  1. I had no luck with removing the router, the lag still exist. I had run a trace on route with 100 samples on us.logon.worldofwarcraft.com while gaming & experiencing the lag spurts. I see there is packet loss but dont really understand enuff to know how bad this is & if it is the culprit or the modem's fault. Others are seem to experiencing simliar issues but to more extreme than me. http://forums.worldofwarcraft.com/thread.html?topicId=114921852&sid=1&pageNo=1 Here is a pic of my trace route if u could add some insight on if u think its the modem or wow's server fault. I don
  2. Hello & thanx for the quick response. I had found that quote from a post here http://www.testmy.net/t-6135.msg58727#msg58727 . I had sent him a pm to ask what his personal experience with it was since I had no luck finding much other info on it. I am currently using the SB5120 behind a Buffalo WHR-G54S (same router I had with old modem). I will try directly connecting to the modem & see if that helps, I presumed it had nothing to do with the router since it worked fine with the old cable modem & was going off of process of elimination. I will post back if removing the router helps,
  3. Hello, I was noticing increased ping & packet loss (lag spurts) while playing world of warcraft (only online game I play atm) & started searching for an answer. I had just upgraded my optimum online package to get Voip & the tech had replaced my old Motorolla surfboard (no voip port) with the SB5120. I did not play WoW for a couple days after I got the new SB5120 & figured the lag was something game/server related. After talking to a friend in the area who also has optimum online & plays on the same server as me, was not experiencing these problems I than started to think w
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