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  1. ya i got tv also so i guess im stuck w/ there router. booooooo but i couldnt find anything about routing options etc. so i will look more later.
  2. a crappy Actiontec MI424-WR. this has verizons on firmware which is the most retarded thing ive ever seen in my life. why when i log into the router is has a button to shop? god god god wjy
  3. make sense but makes it more complicated than it needs to i believe. im going to check the routing protocol on the router etc..... ill let you know what i find
  4. havent tried to daisy chain. will try later. sure that will fix it but any idea on the settings of the router? b/c daisy chaining will take one port away which will leave us w/ 6 usable ports.
  5. Voltageman: i appreciate your help but so far you havent helped any. i know buying a new switch would fix the problem but i want to fix it. therefore i go to a forum with more minds that think differently to come up w/ a solution to the problem not skip over the problem and feel good about it. like i said i appreciate your help but pls do not say a 100mb switch can not handle the speed of a verizon router or just go buy new hardware ........ what kind of solutions are those?
  6. verizon->switch->a verizon->switch->b a to b gives me problems. a to a is fine b to b is fine. and full internet speed on a and b just transfer files from a to b. and i hate wifi w/ a passion so thats not doable.
  7. ok let me try to explain again. i have a verizon router with two switches connected to it. i have internet on all systems hooked up to the switches full speed. the only time i run into problems is when i transfer a file from one machine to another on different switches, therefor it has to go across the router. when i do this the speed is horrible, but if the two machines are on the same switch it works perfect. so once again when i transfer a file form one machine to another on different switches and have to go across the router the speed is bad. same switch speed no router involved speed is g
  8. i have two routers with dhcp turned off acting like switches hooked up to a verizon fios router. it works fine but the only problem i run into is when i have to go from one switch to another across the router the speed is horrible. i can hook both machines to the same switch and speed is fine but two different switches through the router the speed is horrible. wondering if anyone knows of a setting or something i might be missing. thanks.
  9. been there and done that lol. but ya i dont know i think were just screwed my roomate he said he got 1800kbs one night so i guess its just daily traffic slowing us down. oh well if any more suggestion pls send my way.
  10. this is the results from my macbook http://www.dslreports.com/tweakr/block:26c37ef?service=fiber&speed=15000&os=Mac&via=normal
  11. down is 14914 kb/s and up is 1697 kb/s
  12. http://www.dslreports.com/tweakr/block:1345358?service=fiber&speed=15000&os=winXP&via=norma
  13. yes i have it done excatly how you said. verizon is main and dhcp and netgear & linksys both have static ip's and have dhcp turned off, and it works. the question was is there a way to connect the netgear & linksys routers (now acting like switches) to the the main router (verizon router) using the uplink port on the netgear & linksys instead of using one of the ports.
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