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  1. Thanks, that seems to have done the trick!!
  2. Hmmm. Well, maybe the problem only exists with yarnharlot, then. But still!
  3. Hi all, The oddest thing has started happening to me recently... Direcway's DNS servers seem to have lost some of my favorite sites. I can't visit them, and pinging them just results in a "server not found" error. It's like they've disappeared. Except that on other computers (not Direcway-connected ones), everything is fine. I get RSS feeds from them, and there are new posts on a regular basis. I just can't see the actual site. The two sites are www.yarnharlot.ca, and www.oldshawfarm.com . Has anyone else ever experienced anything similar with Direcway? My DNS server is 66.8
  4. 99% sure... (not like they'd tell me if I asked). I haven't downloaded anything substantial in weeks -- just smaller things like PDFs, and not even very many of those. Early early this morning my speeds were up to 45k (woohoo), but now I am back at 7k. Sigh.
  5. This is actually quite a clean machine -- there's not much installed on it by way of programs, there are no 'always on' internet widgets (weatherbug, etc), and all of the normal cleanup tasks (virus, defrag, and so on) get done weekly. The modem is turned off every night. This time of year -- thunderstorm season -- the whole shebang ends up completely unplugged at least once a day anyway.
  6. Hi everyone, Recently I have become totally fed up with my DW 4000. (OK, I've been fed up since about the 3rd day I had it, but only now am I going to do something about it.) My speed test is below -- it's showing speeds of around 2kB/s. It is seriously killing me. I run a web company out of my house, and I would give my left pinky toe to have speeds that did not just absolutely suck. I'm not asking for blazing DSL speeds or anything. Just, you know, at least as good as a 56k modem. I've tried both Cablenut (with VanBuren's settings) and DrTCP (with these settings: http://www.
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