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  1. I'm not concerned about this but if anyone knows the fix I would like to see it.

    It has a rating as far as I can tell it's based on the lowest component score .Which is my graphics card. For what I do it is fine.

    I now get this error message when I try to update the test.

    The only hardware I have added is RAM & A better DVD drive.Both work.

    Even if Vista 32 doesn't recognize all the RAM.

  2. There is a lot easier way to do that.Before you decide this is a good idea check the quality of most of the YouTube videos Audio. It is usually mono .So unless you are really desperate for free .mp3's or this is the only way you can get the song .I wouldn't use these as a source.

    If I do want to keep a certain YouTube video & all I use the YouTube Downloader.


    It will also convert to .mp3 after you have DLed the Video as a .flv.

    The .flv will play on VLC & WMP11 at least on Vista .WMP 11 gives a small warning but then plays it anyway.

    I also have Super & it is good for many things.It will make better quality .mp3's .

    I just keep mine in the .flv because I usually want the video too.

  3. i think patriotism, in the extreme, is just as bad as extremist religious beliefs.  blindly following orders.  i guess it's necessary to think this way in our current situation.  once we kill everyone else that thinks differently, maybe we can get beyond the concept of patriotism, and become one thing.  humankind.

    I believe in supporting the USA but not blindly following orders.For my part I would have liked to have seen several thousand of our troops refuse to go the Afghanistan & Iraq.The government would have sure had a problem court marshaling & imprisoning all of them.I believe that soldiers should have the right to decide if they are willing to put their life on the line.Sure there would be a few that abused that right but I think most would be there to defend the USA  but not a country we have no business in.

    The "become one thing.humankind" Just another way to say One World Government or New World Order.

    I think this will happen in time but I sure don't think it will be the Utopia some think it will.

  4. I use a Linux program TRK to delete files Vista won't let me.I don't know a lot of Linux but I use the shred command.

    I wll have to look up th dd command & see what it does.

    I use an overwritting program to delete the temporay files listed .I don't use Windows backup or Shadow copies.

    I usually only do the page file once a week.Mostly because the program makes a setting to delete the page file on shutdown the change stays in the registry.That's fine for one shutdown but really slows the shutdown.So I disable it after the overwrite on next boot.

    The overwrite program I use is Total Privacy.

  5. I looked at the Prism AVI / Video Converter Software in the link.Although it has a freeware version but you have to burn to DVD with Express Burn Plus which only has a 14 day free trial.

    I'm not even sure the burner comes with the Plus version.

    You have to buy a service contract to get support.

    So this is one I would pass on.

    Coknuck if you happen to read this did you try a DVD compliant folder & file set from the hard drive to WMC after the tweak ?

  6. This is an old dial-up check but I think it would help diagnose your problem if you can do it.

    You need to connect direct to your NID(outside telephone service box).Do this with just 1 computer disconnect the line that goes to the rest of you house so the one modem is all that's connectedto the NID.

    You need to locate the modem & computer as close as possible to the NID.Since this is only temporary to test locate the window closest to the NID & run the shortest good quality telephone cable you can from the modem to the NID.

    Same for the ethernet cable from modem to computer.

    If this improves your speed majorly then the problem is not from the NID out but either house telephone wiring.A device such as a telephone causing a problem.The router or computer settings.

    If you get no improvement from this then the problem is somewhere out from the NID or your computer settings.

  7. Here's the Vista WMC tweak if anyone needs it:

    The first thing you need to do is edit the Windows Vista registry so that Media Center displays a "gallery" view of your DVDs instead of just a "play DVD" button.  To do this, run "regedit" and navigate to: HKEY_CURRENT_USERSoftwareMicrosoftWindowsCurrentVersionMedia CenterSettingsDvdSettings and change the String Value  Value name "ShowGallery" to value data to "Gallery."(see image below)

    Next, set up the location where you will store all of the DVDs.The C: root  So in my case, I created a folder called "C:DVD".

    It should be like this C:DVD . Then each movie with it's own folder .MOVIE name with the Folder with the movie name containing the AUDIO_TS,VIDEO_TS & folder.jpg(if you want an image for the movie)

    The video folders in the C:DVD folder should be like this C:DVDMOVIE nameAUDIO_TS  VIDEO_TS  folder.jpg(if you want an image)

    The image name must be folder.jpg  so you need to change the image name to that once copied into the folder.

    Make sure to add this directory to your Media Center Library's watched folders.

    Media CenterTasksSettingsLibrary SetupAdd folder to watch

    Next Add folders on this computer Next

    This will give you a list of drives & locations Select C: then the DVD folder then next then finish.

    You can remove the watched folder with the Stop watching selection any time you like.

    You might be able to use a completely different drive that you only have videos on I haven't tried.

    To create the movie "box shot" for Media Center, I use the center of the universe: Amazon.  Just type in your movie name for the search and should be able to find a good looking box shot within about 10 seconds of scanning the results.  I like to click the image I find so that it pops up a larger view and therefore the best quality image I can get.  You of course can get the image anywhere you like, but the key is you MUST save this image as "folder.jpg" in the same directory as all the movie files. 

  8. Thanks Coknuck;

    I like Shrink it's real handy.I used the Reauthor mode to cut both ends off a movie I record off satellite.I usually allow some extra time on each end on my DVD recorder timer to make sure I get the whole movie & that is what I cut.

    If you didn't know this VLC player will play most individual .vobs so you can check the audio with it.Usually if one .vob has audio all do.

    Another free software will let you check the file & tell you the audio that it detects .Media Info. It won't let you listen to it but the First Audio Stream box will be empty if there is no Audio.


    I need to look for it but I applied a tweak to my Vista OS that will let me play a DVD format video on my hard drive.

    In Windows Media Center.

    I will post it if I can find it.

  9. Coknuck : Just curious what was the size of your start AVI ?

    What size was the DVD files (VIDEO_TS folder) before using DVDShrink ?

    If anyone tries DVDStyler it can be picky about the files you put in it so it may not work for some .vob files.If it doesn't like their structure.

    It will let you use almost any image you want for the menu background.It won't do action backgrounds though.

    Also be sure & get the PDF guides at the site.

    TMPGEnc MPEG Editor 3  is supposed to be one of the best.It seems more than I need & might be a bit complicated.

    I would try the trial version but it is very crippled so usless for a real trial of the software.

  10. Be sure to DL the latest version of DVD Flick it is freeware.I had an older version but got the new one to test an MPEG.

    I would look at the guides in the links posted by gwenstefni but they are for an older version of DVD Flick.

    Also read the guide that is with the program.

    It has some instructions for using the Menu settings.I'm sure you will want to create a menu.You will probably need to play with the settings to get the menu to do what you want.I suggest you only use a couple of MPEG files & a RW DVD disc. test until you get the menu to work like you want then burn one with as many MPEGs as you want or have room for.

    On the MPEG's you may get a codec warning .Ignor it if possible.

    Also DVD Flick uses ImgBurn as its burner but it is included & automated with DVD Flick.

    The guides in the links probably have you doing more than you need because you probably aren't adding a French audio track or French subtitles.So you can skip a lot of that.

    It also leaves some files in the destination folder on the HD you will want to delete after it burns the DVD disc

    Last if you are in the USA you want it NTSC not PAL.

    All in All a good software.

  11. keith1178 ;Super is a great program & useful for what was in the topic Coknuck linked .

    It probably won't do what you want but I'm guessing on that.

    I will try to help you if you will describe in more detail what you are trying to do.

    For instance are you trying to convert the MPEG so you can burn it to a DVD disc that will play on a set top DVD player?

  12. I still have this Panasonic model KX-TC1430W.I has very clear sound & I'm not sure how long it will go without charge.

    If it's not in use I usually put it back on the base.


    I also have a pair of Vtech 5.8GHz but they're not as clear as the older Panasonic.

    Then I have a hardwired phone that looks like one of the crank phones but Is really a new push button touch tone.

    Always nice to have one that will work if the electricity goes out.

    I had a Sony one time with an extra battery in the base.The base charged this battery so you could just switch batteries if the handset one got low.The base battery also supplied the base wity electricty if the house electricity went out.

  13. I saw the one that the guy disagreed.

    The point is parents that bought this doll didn't know until they & their children heard message.

    If the doll had been advertised as "For Muslim children " then the parents would have been informed.

    Roco : No a Christians faith is not weak but neither do we want Christian children taught another religion on the sly.

    How do you think a doll that said "Jesus is the light" in the Arabic language & sold in Saudi Arabia would go over?

    I think their law would put the store owner in jail & confiscate all the dolls.Which would probably be burned in the street.

    From what I've read there are Islamic neighborhoods in the UK where you wouldn't want to sell the "Jesus is the light" doll either .If there was such a doll.

    Roco maybe the Christians you have met in the UK have weak faith .Here Christians are pretty up front & will tell you about our religion right to your face.We don't have to be sneaky & put unadvertised messages in a toy.

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