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  1. Ok I just fixed it. Turns out the tech I had onsite forwarded the ports back at the router address instead of the primary computer. I had the supervisor at the store go through the forwarding 1 more time with me and it works. Thanks for the quick reply though! Gary
  2. I have installed Hughsnet small office in a store in S. Carolina. I asked for a static Ip address. I programmed the static in the router with the gateway, dns, subnet ect. and it does work for browsing out or running credit cards. I cannot however connect into the system with pc anywhere. I have the correct ports forwarded in the router just like in the 28 other stores. Here is the weird thing. When I browse out from a pc on the lan in the store it shows a different ip address than the static one assigned to the router. my router is on a 72.*.*.* static and the ip address ipchicken.com shows me coming from is a 68.*.*.* NAT address. Ive never used satellite in a store before and am wondering if this is a fixable thing or do I need to get a different isp? I can ping the gateway address that I am assuming is the address of the HN7000s box but not my router. Does anyone have any suggestions of things to check? Ill be back out there next weekend and would like to give it 1 more try before calling it quits.
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